Ambient, atmospheric music for sleeping, dreaming and relaxing.

Welcome to Slumbertone

Have trouble relaxing and getting some hard-earned rest?

Slumbertone specialise in craftily constructed composition, specially designed to put your mind at ease. Relaxing, expansive, complex soundscapes by Atriplex, ranging from environmental ambience through to noisy drones, and everything in between.
We offer high-quality, non-DRM MP3 downloads of CD-length ambient soundscapes at very reasonable prices.

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About the Music

I try to make interesting ambient music.

The stores are full of CDs of recordings of waves crashing on the beach. Or hour long epics consisting of two synth notes repeated over and over, with "subliminal motivational messages beyond the range of conscious hearing".
Slumbertone is subtle soundscapes; complex interplaying melodies and rhythms. Sounds that come in and out over the space of 20 minutes, so smoothly your brain will hardly notice. You can fall into this music like a bath of melted chocolate.

About the Shop

Relaxation likes to be free. But I've got a family to feed.

I've decided to offer up these tracks as paid downloads. But downloads of high-quality, completely non-crippled MP3 files. Share them on your favourite peer-to-peer network, if you must. Burn a copy for your mother. But point her back to Slumbertune so she can buy more tracks of her own.
I believe musicians can make a buck by offering open, non-DRM music downloads. And I think I've priced them pretty fairly - a lousy 12 Australian dollars for over an hour of blissful relaxing music in each case. Enjoy.